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Based in Buckinghamshire / London I am a freelance Videographer, Editor and 2D Animator with 7+ years experience and a heap of passion for creating video.


My path into video first began through music. Growing up I was mad about drumming and it was what I spent the majority of my spare time doing. From here I began recording my own music which soon developed into a love for music and audio production as I found I could combine my creative skills with my love of all things tech.


Fast forward a few years and I was fully invested in a music technology diploma course. A part of this journey was creating sound design for video and as soon as I got behind a camera I was hooked and this shifted me to make the transition from audio production to video production.


8 years later and I am a proficient Videographer, Editor and 2D Animator with just as much passion as when I started.


Having had a strong background in marketing and video production companies I've built up an extremely versatile style of working which allows me to easily adapt to a wide range of content and clients.


From day one I have been heavily involved in each stage of production so no matter what level of assistance you need, i've got you covered.


So if you've got a project in mind, I love to find out more!

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