George Lyall | Filmmaker and Photographer

Hi, I am a filmmaker and photographer based in Buckinghamshire. I have a passion for vintage cars and motorsport so in my spare time you will usually find me tinkering, driving or photographing cars and bikes.



I am an experienced video producer and editor with experience across a range of content forms from extended docu style video to high energy promo videos and 2D animation. 


I have a 'run and gun' photography style meaning I work mostly using natural light and a limited set up, allowing me to capture moments in a natural way and causing minimal disruption. 

Whether it video or photography I get a buzz from capturing a range of content and bringing peoples ideas to life. If you have an idea shoot me an email and lets chat! 


Email: george.a.lyall@gmail.com

George Lyall | Filmmaker and Photographer, Buckinghamshire

Filmmaker and Photographer, Buckinghamshire

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